Stepping Outside the (Flower) Box for Mother’s Day

How To Step Outside The (Flower) Box For Mother’s Day

Mom’s…they do the most for us and yet they can be the hardest people to buy the perfect gift for. Why is that?! Is our own laziness to blame for year after year of unimaginative gifts? Have we fallen into a gift-giving rut of sorts; calling upon online flower services for arrangements selected for our budget and taste. Or is Mom to blame with her lack of input, and unhelpful suggestions like, “All I need is your love this year”? So why would we give the person who means the most to us the most generic and frankly clinical gift possible, typically reserved for acquaintances or sick relatives? Let’s unpack that by first taking a brief look at the history of Mother’s Day.

Morbid Beginnings

Mother’s Day would not have its wide spread recognition and later commercialization without the efforts to West Virginia native, Ann Jarvis, who held a memorial for her deceased mother at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia in 1908. Albeit a rather macabre start to this generally cherry holiday, Mother’s Day as we know it was not recognized for another nine years; however, this is considered the very first Mother’s Day celebration. That church is still home of the International Mother’s Day Shrine which can be visited to this day and features exhibits celebrating motherhood around the world. Her crusade to make Mother’s Day a nationally recognized holiday officially began in 1905, three years before the memorial service for her mom, and continued for nearly nine years when finally in 1914 President Wilson decreed that every second Sunday in May shall be holiday honoring mothers. This year, the holiday officially turned the ripe old age of 104 (or 110 if you count the first Mother’s Day celebration on West Virginia).

The church in West Virginia where Ann Jarvis observed the first Mother’s Day.

The International Mother’s Day Shrine in West Virginia where Ann Jarvis observed the first Mother’s Day.

What Do The Numbers Say?

Looking forward from its official conception in 1914, Mother’s Day is now observed by over 40 countries; such as Norway, Bulgaria, Russia, and Vietnam. With about 85.4 million mothers in the United States alone it is no wonder that an easy yet beautiful thank you gift has become commonplace for most American families. But according to PsychologyToday, the average amount of money spent on Mother’s Day falls right behind Christmas and Valentine’s Day; with a hefty 20% increase in spending from 2003 to 2013. And popular sources predict that Americans will spend up to $23.1 billion on Mother’s Day in 2018, or an average of $180 per person! In other words, the commercialization of Mother’s Day which started in the 1920’s, isn’t going anywhere fast. But regardless of the amount of money being spent, this raises the age-old question: Is our time and money being spent on something Mom really wants? Chances are no, because according to a sample poll of American mothers a staggering 36% want something homemade, with little money spent.

Modern Day Gifts For A Modern Mom

The best gift can’t be found in a greeting card or assembled in a fancy vase. It’s time to step up your Mother’s Day gift-giving game because experience gifts are growing in popularity. By buying an experience that will create a lasting memory, such as learning to fly or participating a food tour at Fells point, you are giving her a gift she will never forget. The goal is to get Mom out of the house and a little outside of her comfort zone by trying something she never has before. The modern Mom needs a modern gift that reflects her fun-loving personality, and an experience gift will do just that! Or gift her the bathroom of her dreams. Our estimate process is quick which allows for you to schedule a resurfacing service that fits within your timeline. The average tub resurface takes about 2-3 hrs, which is the perfect time to leave for a leisurely Mother’s Day brunch. With numerous resurfacing services for you to choose from under $400.00 you don’t have to break the bank to show Mom you care.


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