How To Get Rid Of Bathtub Stains

Your home’s bathtub is something you use routinely. Over time, it’s possible for soap scum and stains to accumulate because of the bath bombs, shampoos and conditioners you use sticking to surfaces.

When scrubbing is unable to lift stubborn grime, you may require professional bathtub refinishing services.

The Problem With Bathtub Stains

Bathtub stains leave your bathroom with a less-than-ideal appearance. The stains caused by soap, standing water and hair dyes stand out, especially when tub surfaces are light in color. This creates an eyesore in the bathroom.

These stains are also a sign that paint and primer layers are wearing away. This happens due to the minerals in your water supply breaking down protective sealants.

Methods for Preventing Bathtub Stains

One of the most proactive ways to prevent bathtub stains is to make sure suds and haircare products are rinsed from surfaces once you’re done bathing. This is as easy as removing a shower wand and guiding foams and residues to the drain or using a cup of water to remove anything that sticks to the sides of the tub as the water level lowers.

Regularly cleaning your tub with safe products is also effective for removing mold and stains before they get an opportunity to grow or settle in for the long haul.

Explore Your Options for Bathroom Refinishing

Figuring out how to clean bathtub stains permanently might call for hiring an expert. An experienced bathtub refinishing company will prime and paint surfaces to complement the rest of your current setup.

How Bathtub Refinishing Works

Bathtub refinishers assess the condition of your installation to ensure refinishing is the best approach. A dependable team will talk to you about your vision for the project — it’s possible to color-match the shade of your existing tub or go in a completely new direction.

Refinishers may offer suggestions to update your bathroom. The next step is getting you on the schedule and returning to complete the job at a time that works for you.

Contact Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing for Assistance

Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing is your premier bathtub refinishing team serving homeowners in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia. We’ll help you revitalize or customize your tub with coatings that are as attractive as your installation’s original finish.

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