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At the very least, you want your bathroom to be comfortable and functional. When your old tub is starting to look dated, dirty and tired, however, it isn’t as enjoyable to use.

If you’re dreading the cost of a new tub replacement, why not consider turning to Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing? We’re experts in refinishing old tubs and shower bases and making them look new again. Our durable resurfacing products and techniques give you the look and feel of a new tub at a fraction of the cost and hassle of installing a new tub.

We’ve been working hard since 2009 to build our reputation as the tub resurfacing and casting leader in Bethesda, MD. We know that combining great value with professional, courteous service is the best way to satisfy you and exceed your expectations. A refinished tub adds appeal and value to your home come resale time, and will be more enjoyable for your family to use on a daily basis.

Whether it’s a standalone tub improvement or part of a full bathroom renovation, bathtub resurfacing and tub casting gives more power to your budget and offers excellent value.

The Best Bathtub Casting Professionals in Bethesda, MD

Custom Tub and Tile started serving customers with bathtub casting in Bethesda, MD because there was a clear need for quality and professionalism in the area. To achieve the best possible results, we use an odorless synthetic porcelain resin that is 5x thicker than traditional spray refinishing. Our unique approach includes aspects of mechanical and chemical bonding combined with the newest industry technology to achieve a look that has a classic craftsman quality to it. We aim to deliver the most efficient, effective results that offer long-term value.  Want to learn more about the service with a 10 year warranty?  Visit our tub casting service page.

Saving Time and Money Is Hard to Beat!

 Many home renovation projects offer to save you money or time, but rarely both. Our professional tub resurfacing and casting services truly can offer both:

It can be difficult to find a tub of the exact same shape and size, so often you’ll have to make modifications to your shower surround or wall finish. Most often, you’ll also need to change your faucets as well, which is another cost to add in.

Unlike replacing a bathtub, our process creates little dust or dirt, which means there’s no chance of it getting tracked into your home.

It’s easy to see why our tub refinishing and casting services are gaining in popularity. Customers all across Bethesda, MD and the surrounding area appreciate our friendly, professional attitude and excellent service. You too can benefit from our experience and gain a like-new bathtub at a great price and with little hassle.

No Hidden Surprises

With a bathtub surface refinish from Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing, you know exactly what you’re getting before we start. You can get a cost estimation right here on our site in just a few clicks. We then work with you to ensure you’ve chosen the color you want and that we’ve planned properly for the cleaning and repair of your tub prior to resurfacing.

Then, it’s up to our expert bathtub resurfacing technicians to create a smooth, clean and even surface in your tub or shower base. You’ll get a like-new finish that’s impossible to achieve with store-bought DIY products. We have the tools and techniques to avoid runs and streaks in your new bathtub surfacing.

If you’re in the Bethesda, MD area and are intrigued by the idea of a fast and affordable bathtub refinishing, contact the experts at Custom Tub and Tile today!

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