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In addition to the two white finishes we offer (Kohler White and Gloss White) we have three off-white finishes to match your bathroom or kitchen surfaces.  Almond, Bone, and Biscuit can be chosen as late as the day of service and will add an additional color fee to any project.

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The Benefits of Custom Stone Finishes

Custom stone finishes give you the appearance of real stone without the expense. With custom stone surface color finishes that come in many different shades to complement any bathroom or kitchen, our unique custom stone finishes and solid finish are popular alternatives to complete replacements, and these are more affordable surface finishes than stone. Great for concealing stains, enhancing tile accent borders and transforming old vanity tops into new, polished vanity tops, our custom stone finishes will add a luxuriously modern feel to unsightly, worn surfaces in 24 hours.

How are custom stone finishes applied?

If you’re worried about your kitchen or bathroom being out of commission while your counters go through a lengthy refinishing process, don’t be. Unlike installing a complete stone counter top, applying custom stone finishes for vanities and counter tops couldn’t be easier.

Furthermore, updating your kitchen and bathroom surfaces with custom stone finishes is affordable and hassle-free when our custom stone finishing experts in Maryland work on the project. Our multicolor refinish options present a realistic appearance of genuine stone that gives your showers, bathtubs, countertops, tiling and vanities a naturally fresh, elegantly immaculate look. We use a combination of unique layering techniques for creating the exact kind of stone pattern you wish. Our customers always enjoy an original stone finish, seen nowhere else in the world.

Since final results can vary, we recommend selecting a finish type and color palette that permits our professional custom stone finishing technicians some creative leeway. If you’re tired of looking at worn-out laminate countertops, stained tiles, faded laminate or other solid surfaces, let us apply our superior industry products to your surface. It takes less than a few hours to complete custom stone finishes for counter surfaces, so you can use your newly renovated bathroom or kitchen the next very day.

Bringing Your Countertops to Life With Color

While there are many advantages to custom stone finishes for counter tops — custom stone finishes are more affordable, look great and can be done in about 24 hours — one of the biggest benefits Custom Tub and Tile brings you is in the area of color. Our custom stone surface color finishes offer more variety than you’re likely to see anywhere else. You can choose from light stone, for a more subdued counter, medium stone, dark stone for an elegant, distinctive look or, if you really want to catch your guests’ eyes, a bright stone finish will definitely do the trick.

Looking at your current counter, you might be hoping your guests just don’t notice the cracking, fading, stains and peeling. You might even just cover up the counter as much as possible so no one can really see it.

But surface finishing alternatives to stone are meant to be seen. They look just like real stone counter tops. You may even think they look better, especially with all the custom stone surface color finishes you have to choose from. Our wide variety of color choices make us especially great for custom stone finishes for vanities and counter tops of all kinds.

In fact, our custom stone surface color finishes actually give you more flexibility than you get with a traditional stone countertop. With our wide range of colors and styles, you have a much better chance of finding a look that fits in perfectly with the rest of your décor than you might otherwise. With an alternative that’s faster, more affordable and gives you more looks to choose from, it’s tough to go wrong.

Maintaining custom stone finishes

Sure, custom stone finishes for vanities and countertops look as good as stone or better, but do they last as long as stone? While few things are as durable as actual stone, when properly used and cared for, refinished stone surfaces will last 7-10 years or more. Spills should be removed using a sponge or paper towels. Phosphate-free dishwashing liquid works well to clean stains left behind by certain spills. If you need stronger cleaning solutions, avoid harsh cleansers and rely on cleansers made with all-natural ingredients.

We know accidents happen, so if you ever need cracks or chips repaired, give us a call and we’ll be there ASAP. Don’t rely on generic, hardware store repair kits to fill cracks or chips in custom stone surface finishes. They don’t last and may cause further damage to the refinished item.


Want to learn more about our custom stone finishes?

If you’ve spent years looking with dismay at your old, worn-out laminate counter tops in the bathroom, kitchen or elsewhere in your home, wishing you could afford a real stone countertop, your answer has arrived. Surface finishing alternatives to stone look amazing, are much more affordable than stone and, best of all, Custom Tub and Tile does a great job fast. If you had Custom Tub and Tile in today, you could be enjoying your new custom stone finished counter tops tomorrow!

To find out more about how your home can be enhanced on your budget with custom stone finishes for counter surfaces, give us a call us today at (240) 668-4208 to talk to one of our friendly, custom stone finishing experts in Maryland. Don’t forget to take advantage of our free quote offer!

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