Stripping your surface

So you need to know if your tub or other surface needs stripped?  This is vital information that you may want prior to the technicians’ arrival as it will add time and money to your resurfacing project.  But before getting started it is important to note that…

Stripping only applies to tubs or other surfaces that have been previously resurfaced!

So if your tub or other surface is completely original then you can disregard the following information.

What is stripping?

Stripping is the process of removing the old surfacing or paint with the assistance of chemicals and/or sanders. In some cases, refinishers use liquid stripping agents in order to facilitate an easier removal. However, due the toxic and oftentimes harmful nature of these stripping agents Custom Tub and Tile relies solely on mechanical stripping. In other words they take the time to sand off the existing coating, and although it involves a bit more elbow grease, the process is a lot safer for the technicians and homeowners. The coating is essentially scraped off to reveal the original surface underneath. It is necessary to eliminate the old surface before applying a new coating, to ensure a lasting finish.

Does your tub or shower look like this?

Chances are it has been resurfaced before and will need to be stripped. Some tell-tale signs your tub has been done before include…

  • Peeling
  • Chipping
  • Flaking

Stripping FAQs

Our stripping service includes a professional prep of the bathtub or other surface. All other fixtures will be covered and protected from the stripping agent and resurfacing material. As well as the safe removal of the old surface with our isocyanate and methalyne chloride free liquid stripping agent.

Our standard stripping fee is $175.00 per surface should it apply.

Your tub or other surface would only need stripped if it has been previously resurfaced, and that includes professional resurfacing and DIY kits. You can usually tell if your tub or other surface needs stripped if it is peeling, chipping, or flaking; much like paint falling off of a wall. And the area of the tub that most commonly peels is near the drain. If your tub or tiles walls are a vintage color like avocado green, pink, or powder blue then chances are it has never been resurfaced before.

Without stripping the old finish off of your tub or other surface we cannot warranty our own 8-layer coating. All of the old surfacing must be removed prior to resurfacing to ensure a long-lasting and silky smooth finish. Beware of companies or independent contractors who tell you that they can forego stripping your tub or other surface, chances are their warranty isn’t for too long.

No, we cannot; unfortunately, stripping the tub or other surface is necessary. Without stripping and completely removing the old surface before resurfacing we cannot warranty our own surface. We take pride in our attention to detail and impeccable workmanship and that is why we offer a 5 yr written warranty on the work.

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