Shower Pan Casting

What is shower pan casting?

Shower pan casting is the latest and greatest development in bathroom refurbishment!

Much like traditional spray refinishing it has a 24 hr cure time.  This unique synthetic porcelain resin is poured over the shower pan’s surface which not only provides excellent adhesion for this permanent coating but is about five times thicker than traditional spray refinishing.  Making this the most durable refurbishment solution on the market, and it is backed with a 5 year warranty.  Although proper care of the new surface can help it last over 25 years!

What Types of Showers Can be Casted

Our casting services are ideal for all bathrooms; but, due to its method of application it cannot be applied to all surfaces. So what types of shower surfaces can be casted?

– Fiberglass Shower Pans: This is the most common type of shower pan, and is often mistaken for plastic. Fiberglass is notorious for two things: trapping stains and stress cracks as the shower pan ages and begins to flex.
– Tile Shower Pans: This is fairly common type of shower pan, where the bottom is made out of tile, instead of one solid peace of fiberglass. Due to the exposed grout lines, with age this area of your shower may start trapping dirt and becoming more difficult to clean.

However, you should be aware that our process is not compatible with substrates made of real stone such as marble or granite. Or if you have shower doors with a frame you are planning on keeping after the casting or resurfacing services are complete. If you do fall into this category then our Shower Pan Resurfacing service would be a better option for your home.

What’s involved with our shower casting process?

  1. Professional prep and cleaning of the surface prior to coating application.
  2. Removal of the existing caulking from perimeter of the surface.
  3. Major and minor repairs (i.e. chips, cracks, rust).
  4. Acid Etch.
  5. Sanding.
  6. Application of coating that is 5x thicker than traditional spray refinishing.
  7. 5 year warranty.

Our Shower Pan Casting Process

To start, we professionally clean the shower pan of any hard water stains, rust, or soap scum.  They shower pan can be dirty and wet when the technician arrives allowing you full use of the shower prior to the service.  The technician will then remove the existing caulking from the perimeter of the shower pan and repair any chips or cracks in the surface.  Then the technician applies a liquid chemical etching substance that removes the gloss from the shower pan and makes the surface more porous. Following the acid etch and sanding of the pan to help the new coating bond to it our technician finally begins the casting process.  The unique, self-leveling coating is expertly poured onto the shower pan surface by our in-house trained technician.  Their impeccable attention to detail ensures a quality finish that stands the test of time.  Since the coating is so thick a re-caulk isn’t needed!  That means no more moldy or stained caulk lines to worry about!  Plus our 5 year warranty will give you peace of mind for the years to come.

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PureCoat Vs. Traditional Resurfacing

PureCoat is the only permanent solution on the market that doesn’t involve replacement of liners.  The coating is so thick it will not peel, chip, or flake like traditionally resurfaced substrates.  Like traditional resurfacing it has a 24 hr cure time.  We are so confident in our shower pan casting service it is warrantied for 5 years!

PureCoat is 5x thicker than traditionally sprayed on coatings!  Sprayed on coatings, without fail, contain solvents which evaporate during the curing process in order to harden the coating.  In fact, roughly 50% of the material that is sprayed onto a surface will evaporate during the curing period depending on the refinisher’s material ratios.  But PureCoat is categorized as 100% solids and contains no solvents; meaning, what is applied to the shower pan stays on the shower pan.  No more paying for coatings that disappear into thin air!

PureCoat is odorless!  Unlike traditional spray refinishing there is no chemical odor associated with the casting process.  Solvents mixed into spray-on coatings are the cause of the that annoying smell.  But PureCoat does not contain any solvents!  This non-porous, durable coating has a 20 year lifespan and its odor-free technology provides maximum comfort for the duration of the service.  Plus, the casting coating is poured onto the surface eliminating airborne particles that are common with shower pan resurfacing services.  Making our shower pan casting service the only green refinishing solution on the market!  Plus, PureCoat is compliment with most green initiatives.

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