Meet Our Team

Field Staff

Dennis has been with Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing since the very beginning. And his attention to detail, can-do attitude, and strong leadership skills are what make him an excellent technician supervisor. He loves working with his hands and seeing these bathroom and kitchen transformations up close and personal. He is an integral part of our team and has the most online reviews of any of our staff members.
Jimarr is still fairly new to the world of refinishing in comparison to our other technicians, but you’d never know that by looking at his work. He is making waves with his expertise in our state-of-the-art tub casting service, providing stunning and permanent results to both our residential and commercial clients. He enjoys the family-oriented atmosphere at Custom Tub and Tile and takes extreme pride in his work.
Angel started at Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing knowing virtually nothing about bathroom or kitchen refinishing, now he is our Lead Technician. He is the quiet one on the team but his impeccable attention to detail paired with the extreme pride he takes in his work make for an unparalleled service.
Yelsin is highly skilled in the art of PureCoat casting. He takes pride in his work and it shows in his excellent finished result. He has some of the most online reviews of any of our PureCoat technicians!
Hunter is the newest addition to our team and is already well-loved by both our commercial and residential clients. His friendly demeanor and attention to detail make him highly sought after technician.

Office Staff

Larkin has been with Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing since 2015. In that time she has established herself as an authority in the refinishing industry due to her numerous blogs and YouTube videos. She is the effort behind all of the social media and general web presence strategy.
Scott has been working in the resurfacing industry for the last with 7 years. In that time he has assisted numerous commercial properties with their apartment turn needs. He is the face of our commercial sales team.
Emmy has been with Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing since 2021! But she is well versed in the art of providing timely and easy-to-understand estimates. If you’ve received an estimate from us, chances are it came from her!