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Why Resurface Tile Instead of Replace It?

Bathroom tile refinishing is a cost effective solution to transforming old tile into cleaner, newer looking tile for your walls. Our specialized refinishing process magically turns moldy, discolored grout lines and outdated tile shades into tiling you won’t be embarrassed to have guests see and admire. We also offer the option of using solid colors or a custom stone finish to renew your old bathroom floor tiles. In addition, tile resurfacing in Maryland is one of the most cost-effective alternatives to an expensive, total remodeling project that may take weeks to complete.

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What is tile refinishing?

Tile refinishing requires specialized equipment, bonding agents, clear finishes, primers and top coats. There are key differences between bathroom tile painting services and refinishing tile that involve surface gloss, durability of refinished tiles and how long refinished surfaces retain their “newness”. Painting tiles with spray enamel paint or epoxy won’t look nearly as spectacular as a professional tile refinishing job. In fact, tile resurfacing is the only viable method of reproducing the original appearance of your tiles (or to change the color of your tile without fully replacing it). That beautifully clean glaze seen in new ceramic tiles is accomplished by baking tiles in high-temperature kilns. But since removing your tiles to put them back into a kiln is not possible refinishing is great alternative for renewing the luster on your dull tiles. Remodeling companies advertising their ability to reglaze tiles are not representing themselves as honestly as they should be.

Is tile refinishing more affordable than replacing tiles?

Yes! Electing to have tiles resurfaced instead of replaced can save you 50% or more compared to the cost of replacing tiles. We can give your bathrooms and kitchens a makeover without the time, expense and mess associated with complete tile replacement. Depending on how much tile you need refinished, our technicians could complete the job in one day, so you can immediately enjoy your bathroom or kitchen.

Why choose our tile refinishing services in Maryland?

Custom Tub & Tile has one goal: to make your kitchen and/or bathroom appear as new as the day construction was completed on your home. Our goal is possible without replacing any major components. While complete renovations may be necessary in certain conditions, tile resurfacing is a great option when your kitchen or bathroom only needs a minor facelift.

Most of our services take a few hours to complete and do not require you to make adjustments to your daily activities. Our tile resurfacing technicians will leave the rooms we service clean and neat, so you won’t have anything to do afterwards but enjoy your gorgeous tiling.

If you can’t stand looking at damaged, unsightly tile any longer, give us a call at (240) 668-4208 to take advantage of our free quote offer. We’ll gladly answer any questions you have about tile refinishing, as well as our re-grouting and bathtub refinishing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The tiles will be peeling, flaking, or chipping, much like paint falling off of a wall. The surface underneath will be a different color or a duller version of the surface that is failing.

In addition to white Custom Tub and Tile offers three off-white shade in Almond, Bone, and Biscuit, as well as the capability color match. Just provide them with the color number from any paint store and they can match it! Custom stone finishes are popular for tile accent borders since they add a pop of color to a freshly resurfaced bathroom.

Our recommended care instructions are emailed out with our warranty 1 business day after the completed service. However, we recommend that you use non-abrasive cleaners such as Scrubbing Bubbles or Dawn. Custom Tub and Tile does not endorse the use of products that contain bleach and leaving drain clearing chemicals or hair dyes on the surface.

A re-grout of the existing tile, an 8-layer resurface in your color of choice, a re-caulk around the perimeter of the tile, and our written 2 yr warranty.

We offer both 2 and 5 year warranties depending on your specific needs. All of our traditional resurfacing services include a 2 year non-transferrable warranty on the workmanship; whereas, our PureCoat casting services come with a 5 year transferrable warranty on the workmanship.

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