Shower Pan Resurfacing

Shower Pan Resurfacing

Bathrooms should be pleasant, attractive sanctuaries to which you retire after a long workday. If you dread looking at the same, old, worn out bathtub you’ve been looking at since 1990, you can use our shoulder to cry on — and our ace technicians to quickly and affordably transform your bathroom into the kind of sweet retreat you’ve always wanted.

For over a decade, Custom Tub and Tile’s shower refinishing services in Maryland have been providing the highest quality restoration techniques to northeastern Maryland residents. We are grateful to be able to serve our new and existing customers with what we do best — restoring old showers to look and feel clean and brand new. Although you could pay thousands of dollars to have your old shower completely replaced and suffer through weeks of drilling and grinding noises (not to mention the mess left over), we can upgrade your shower and tub in one day, so you never notice your bathroom is “out of order.”

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Shower Types

Custom Tub & Tile can provide professional shower resurfacing no matter what type of shower you have. We are equally at home doing just professional shower pan resurfacing as we are resurfacing a shower with a glass door. Here are some of the different types of showers we typically encounter:

Having just a shower pan and a means for spraying water is the simplest type of shower you can have. It doesn’t take up very much space, and doesn’t cost very much, either. At the same time, if all you have is a shower pan, you probably want it to look its best.  These could be made out of fiberglass, acrylic, or tile.
A bench can be a great addition to your walk-in shower. Naturally, you will need to have a shower large enough to accommodate both the showering person and the bench, but if you have the room, you may wonder how you ever went without this accommodation. A bench means you don’t have to stand in the shower the whole time, and you have a convenient place to keep toiletries like soap and shampoo for easy reach.
The traditional shower curtain can work for many, but a glass door really adds a touch of class to your shower and makes your whole bathroom feels more sophisticated. In addition, you don’t have to fight with or clean that curtain, and you don’t have to worry about water escaping the shower because you haven’t positioned the curtain correctly.  If you decide to have a shower with a glass door, there are actually a number of different options to choose from.  However, no matter the glass shower door you choose, you’ll definitely want your shower pan to shine, too.
A shower with tiles that extend past the shower itself is another way to add a distinctive decorative flair to your bathroom. You can use simple white tiles or decorative tiles that suit your particular style. These types of showers are more challenging to keep clean, but you may find that it’s worth it for the way they beautify your bathroom.  If your shower is drab and dreary and your shower pan is cracked, faded, covered in grime or any combination of these, it’s a great opportunity to fully renovate your shower. Putting in new tile, a new glass door, a bench or other great shower features along with resurfacing the shower pan can make it feel like you have a whole new bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can put a bathmat down on resurfaced tub/shower floors, but only bathmats that do not have suction cups. You’ll find these bath mats at bath and bed shops that offer specialty items for bathrooms. An alternative to bathmats are bathtub strips that adhere to your shower floor’s surface to prevent slipping accidents. Be aware that once you place bathtub strips down on your shower or tub floor, they may be not removed without possibly damaging the resurfacing job.

Our shower refinishing services in Maryland are capable of applying professional resurfacing materials over previously refinished showers. Sometimes, it may be necessary to strip a shower down to its original surface to ensure the finished project is professionally and meticulously realized.

Your restored shower surface should last for many years as long as you follow our simple cleaning instructions, such as using only soft, nonabrasive sponges or clothes to clean your shower and never allowing drain opening solutions or shampoo bottles to sit on the refinished surface for extended periods. You should also avoid giving your dog a bath in your newly resurfaced shower because canine claws are sharp and could scratch the surface.

Yes. We refinish sinks, countertops and tiles using materials dependent on the kind of substrate from which the particular fixture is made.

Our shower refinishing services in Maryland use industry-specific products that cannot be purchased at home improvement stores. In addition, the materials we use are the newest and most volatile organic compound (VOC) compliant products available to professional refinishers. Many of our clients have called us in desperation after attempting a shower resurfacing project, only to discover the DIY shower refinishing kit contained cheap materials, vague directions and none of the items necessary to do the job properly. Save the tough, detailed jobs to the professionals! Call us today at (240) 668-4208 for a free quote or use our convenient email form to receive your free quote online.

Our PureCoat casting coating can be used on both fiberglass and tile shower pans. However, if cannot be used on fiberglass one-piece shower stalls.

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