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    What will your own resurfacing success story look like?

    John’s Resurfacing Success Story

    I had a fantastic experience and I think Custom Tub & Tile won my business because of the patience of [their office staff] who responded to probably a countless number of emails…

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    Christian’s Resurfacing Success Story

    I would recommend Custom Tub & Tile to a friend for a couple of reasons. One, I thought the overall process was actually advertised accurately, which I seldom see…

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    Margaret’s Resurfacing Success Story

    I decided [Custom Tub & Tile] had the best materials, the best guarantee, and the best price…

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    George’s Resurfacing Success Story

    I could not have been more pleased.  What I liked about [the technician] was that from the moment I met him I had a sense of confidence about his capabilities…

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