Cleaning Instructions

Maintenance Instructions

1.  Avoid leaving soap, shampoo or shaving bottles on the surface for long periods of time.

2. Never let dyes, chemical drain openers or other chemicals pool on surface.

3. Avoid bathing pets in or on resurfaces areas.

4. Do not use suction cup bathmats inside your tub. Opt for our non-slip surface instead!

Fabuloso is a non-bleach based multi-purpose cleaner that’s budget-friendly and comes in a variety of scents. The bleach alternative formula adds that extra cleaning power residents love without yellowing the surface’s new white gloss the way bleach does.
The Scrubbing Bubbles solution foams and expands doing the scrubbing work itself, making it perfect for tubs and tile. It’s a gentle cleanser that will leave your residents’ tubs, tile, grout lines and sinks clean and bright.
Dish washing detergent is great way to clean without any special products. The same formulas that are made to cut grease and leave dishes sparkling will easily wash away oils from your skin and brighten your tub’s surface
Super-soft microfiber cloths gently spread the cleaning solution over the surface of the tub without scratching the finish. The tiny fibers grab and hold more dirt than a sponge or other type of cloth, making cleaning faster and easier.