4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Upgrading Your Tub

Considering updating your bathtub? If you’re like most American homeowners and your bathrooms are equipped with the standard or builder-grade tub; you know the one, it’s about five feet long and set between three walls of tile, then chances are you’ve considered upgrading your bathroom at some point. Perhaps to switch out your tub for a shower stall or to opt for something a little more custom. We get it! No one said getting the bathroom of your dreams was going to be easy! That is if you choose the full-remodel route. According to HomeStars, depending on the size and amount of fixtures you should budget between $10,000 – $25,000 for your new bathroom remodel. And before you get started there are four important questions you need to ask yourself…


Before, you start demoing you need to consider the type of tub you have. From here you’ll be able to make other important determinations; such as, the material the tub is made out of, which goes hand-in-hand with how difficult it will be to uninstall. Cast iron tubs are much heavier than fiberglass therefore, much harder to remove from the home. And this alone is often a deciding factor for homeowners who eventually opt for resurfacing or casting services. It’s also important to know that tearing out your tub inevitably involves plumbing, and moving your existing plumbing around to accommodate your new tub or shower will add to your remodeling costs. So about $1,000 – $3,000 of your remodeling budget will need to be allocated to moving the plumbing just a few feet over. But all in the name of customization! Right?


This is a question that is often overlooked during the full-remodel process. And if you’re planning on completely replacing your tub this will not necessarily apply to you. But this is an important question to ask if you’re going the partial-remodel route because if the coating on your tub is failing it could be a strong indication of how it will perform in the future should you choose to have the tub resurfaced again. In this regard, tub casting is the best option. It is the best alternative to traditional tub resurfacing, only tub casting with PureCoat is a permanent coating that is not only eco-friendly but backed with a 10-year warranty. If resurfacing hasn’t worked for you in the past it could be due to inferior products, user error, or improper aftercare. Needless to say, there are numerous reasons why some people experience coating failure. And there are other partial-remodeling options for your tub that don’t involve replacement or a liner. Don’t know if your tub has been previously resurfaced? Read our blog, “3 Ways to Spot a Previously Resurfaced Bathtub.”


Bathtub surface damage is usually categorized as either superficial or in need of repairs. And the difficult truth is that some damage can’t even be repaired with tub resurfacing or tub casting. Small damage like chips, hairline cracks (that aren’t leaking), and surface rust can all be remedied through traditional resurfacing or tub casting. Even larger projects, like body repairs to the bottom of the tub in order to level it, are still achievable through the partial-remodeling that tub resurfacing and casting offers. It is damage like leaking cracks in fiberglass or extreme corrosion due to rust that causes tubs to have to be replaced. So, before deciding how you’re going to upgrade your tub it’s important to know if your tub is even a candidate for resurfacing or casting. In most cases, damage can be repaired so it’s important to talk with your remodeling or refinishing professional prior to beginning work.


Asking what you might want to change about your bathtub is probably a loaded question. But let’s simplify it…are you unhappy with the form or function? The form is the overall look of the tub (i.e. color, glossiness, texture, etc). The function is the actual capabilities of the tub (i.e. add jets, make it a shower). If you’re looking to just make the cosmetic changes that resurfacing and casting allow then that may be the best option for you. But if your issues with your tub run a bit deeper and you want to completely change out the tub for something else then you’re looking towards a remodel involving contractors and plumbers. But you really have to ask yourself, what do you want to change? Because in the partial and full-remodeling world the possibilities are endless!

Upgrading your tub can be a fun and exciting project to tackle, but having foresight is the best way to formulate your plan and budget. Ask yourself these four questions before you decide to replace or resurface your tub. Because there are numerous other factors to consider, other than price. Going the resurfacing or casting route with your bathroom? We can help! Our full suite of customizable refurbishment solutions is waiting for you.

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