Landlords: Why You Should Consider Refinishing That Tub Over Replacing It

Why Landlords Should Consider Tub Resurfacing

How can you give your tenants the most with spending the least?

The reality for most rental owners is they carry a heavy responsibility to maintain their properties to high standards for safety, appeal, and profitability. Unfortunately, these elements of maintenance can often be at odds with one another. The good news for landlords is there are several wise ways to maximize profits through renovations and decoration. Some of these ways include focusing on kitchen and bathrooms and considering repairing rather than replacing as often as possible.

Along with creating a vision for your tenants to be able to “see” themselves living in your rental house, the benefits of repairing or upgrading rather than replacing entirely translates into cash flow on a landlord’s balance sheet. With kitchens and bathrooms, upgrading bath tubs, countertops, and tile, consider refinishing or resurfacing when repairs are needed and/or colors need updated. The key to successful property upkeep and profitability is to not go overboard with renovations and maintain strong, documented communication with tenants.

But how does resurfacing help?

Shower pan resurfaces can restore the look of your shower pan so much so that it does not need replaced. Fiberglass is porous and overtime it collects more and more dirty, making it nearly impossible to clean. Our 8 layer resurfacing method removes the stains and makes the fiberglass not porous so you’ll never have to worry about feet stains again!

You don’t need to live with your ugly tub but you don’t need to replace it either! Resurfacing can make your existing tub look and feel like new so there is not need to replace your tub if it looks like this one. We specialize in ugly tubs and are confident we can provide a customized solution for your bathroom remodeling needs.





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