How to Spot the Professional Refinisher in a World Full of Craig’s List Contractors

Almost anyone can go to a local hardware/home improvement store and purchase refinishing products advertised in a weekly flyer, but most of these people end up realizing the refinishing of their bathtub or sink would have been better left to a professional. Unfortunately, this realization can come too late, after damage, and sometimes serious physical harm, has already occurred. Once you’ve decided to refinish or repair your bathtub, sink, or kitchen countertops, call a professional, who will in most cases give you a free estimate as to what your job will entail in terms of time and money.

Beware! Not all professionals are created equal. Consider how “professional” your professional is by asking a few basic questions before deciding which professional will best suit your needs. Your refinishing professional will be as transparent about the services they provide and what is included in each service. If the estimate isn’t itemized asked for a cost breakdown so there are no hidden costs or surprises. It is also beneficial to have them realistically manage your expectations about what is to come. That could be a detailed description of what to expect the day of the service, or a list of recommended cleaners to use after the resurface.

They will also warranty their work, because any upstanding professional will guarantee their work. Don’t fall for the cheapest price because it isn’t always what it seems you will end up with a finished product that looks, well, cheap. This also applies to the DIY kits that come in a can. The price is attractive but it ends there. The finish is thin, brittle and frankly poor quality. It is important to ask your professional refinisher what materials are being used for your project.

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