Hotel’s Bathtub Refinishing: Simple But Amazing Ways Hotels Save Money While Updating Their Bathrooms

Have the bathtubs in your hotel become dull, yucky, difficult to clean, or just downright outdated? Then refinishing and/or casting should be your best friend! It may come as a shock, but bathtub refinishing costs hotels only about 25% the cost of a full replacement. Even in a thriving economy, many hotels in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas are already using bathtub refinishing, as opposed to replacement, in their arsenal of remodeling services. And when you consider the trouble and expense involved in total bathtub replacement, you can see why many hotels are making the transition to refinishing and casting. It goes without saying that the more informed hotel managers are, the better equipped they are in making an educated bathroom remodeling decision that affects their budget, timeline, and environment in a less invasive way.


There are many benefits associated with refinishing and casting when thinking about hotel remodels. Cost being the most obvious benefit since bathtub refinishing and casting saves up to 75% of the cost of bathtub replacement. Saving countless hotel managers money that could be better spent on more pressing needs. According to HomeAdvisor, the average tub resurface costs around $500 depending on whats included in the service (i.e. warranty, material, etc). Refinishing or casting the tubs in your hotel allows for more budgetary flexibility and essentially gets you more bang for your buck in the long run. And most seasoned professionals will tell you that tub replacement is only necesary if there is irreparable damage. In most cases, unless the damage is structural, resurfacing can remedy the issues of the average hotel tub.


Resurfacing is fast and easy (compared to a full demolition and remodel) and can be completed as the last step in the partial remodeling process. Since resurfacing and casting are primarily cosmetic fixes they can be completed in as little a 3 hours depending on the scope of work. Allowing the bathroom to be out of commission for only one day as opposed to several weeks, providing as little an interruption as possible to your hotel guests. No need to shut down the entire hotel in order to achieve the look of a remodel! And most resurfacing companies will work around your booking schedule, allowing for maximum flexibility. And resurfacing and casting services allow for the freedom to update room by room, so the undertaking can be as big or as small as you need.

Environmental Impact

It is a harsh reality that discarded bathtubs inevitable end up in the landfill. And Americans generate more than 50 million tons of construction and remodeling waste every year. Instead of replacing the hundreds of bathtubs your hotel may have, and having them sit in a landfill until the end of time, let’s work with what you got! Chances are these tubs have great bone, they’re just a little worn from the use and abuse from years of hotel guests. Resurfacing is greener than replacing, because you’re rehabbing what you already have. But if you want the service with the least amount of environmental impact then tub casting is for you. This coating has odorless and has a near 0 VOC making it compliant with most green initiatives. And because it is odorless a tub casting service could take place in the hotel without disturbing the adjacent guests.

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