Green Tub Refinishing: Fact or Fiction?

Over the past 10 to 15 years there has been increasingly more attention drawn to environmental issues and the threat we as humans pose to our environment. Whatever your stance on global warming is, it is still cause for pause and reflection on our own individual impact. What cannot be denied is that the choices we make, on a daily basis, will effect the future of our planet. But what can you, just one person, do to minimize your carbon footprint? Well, there’s more than you think, and it could even start in the most unlikely place…tub refinishing. Let’s compare and contrast the current tub refurbishment options currently on the market so you can decide which service is best for you (and the Earth).


Traditional refinishing is a great option for those on a tight budget who are looking for a cosmetic fix for their bathroom or kitchen. Unfortunately for the Earth, it is not the most “green” of operations. The resurfacing coating is sprayed on, and while that allows for extreme precision of the material application, there is a lot if dust and airborne particulates created in the process. And usually those fumes and dust are funneled outside into the open air. While this does not pose so much of a threat on an individual scale it is cause for some alarm when thinking about all of the refinishers in the world. Yikes. It’s enough to make you consider replacing the tub to avoid the environmental backlash. But never fear, you have greener options!


Some companies may market their services as “green tub refinishing”, but there is actually no refinishing taking place at all! This service is typically a standard buff and polish service where the tub is cleaned and then wax coat is applied to reduce the build up of future dirt (similar to waxing your car). If your tub is in good condition, but is starting to dull and show its age then you may have stumbled across this service. But don’t be fooled, this is not technically a resurfacing/refinishing/reglazing service. And the results will not last forever.

***At this time Custom Tub & Tile does not offer buffing and polishing services.***


Looking at the lack of environmentally friendly tub refurbishment options on the market, we went to the ends of the Earth to find a better solution for our customers and for the Earth. Something that would still allow for an affordable remodel but didn’t harm the environment or our employees. Flash forward about 5 years and we have developed a system that is not only environmentally friendly boasting a VOC near 0, but it’s actually stronger and thicker than the traditional refinishing coating. In our quest to find a coating that was environmentally sustainable with minimal impact we were also able to find a better product for our consumers. And we call this: tub casting! The material is poured onto the tub so there are no airborne chemicals. It’s so easy to breathe around our PureCoat casting material our technician do not need to wear their ventilation masks. Making this the greenest tub refurbishment service in the industry!

Going Green is ultimately a lifestyle change; one in which we are more conscious of our environmental impact on the Earth and decidedly take measures to ensure our planet will be left in-tact for future generations. This is no easy feat, especially on an individual level. But Custom Tub & Tile makes it easy to start with their Tub Casting service.

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