4 Reasons Why Resurfacing Your Bathtub Is The Smart Way To Remodel

Before you throw out your outdated, ugly bathtub with its cracks, stains, and disco-era color, consider these four reasons to reglaze rather than replace…


The average bathroom remodel take about 4.5 weeks to complete. Leaving you without use of your bathroom, and essentially a construction site in your home for over a month! No one has time for that. While resurfacing, (which can be done on bathtubs, shower stalls, tile walls, and sink/vanities), takes a fraction of the time to complete. Most resurfacing projects can be completed in eight hours with the bathroom ready for use the next day.


Logic says that the longer a project takes, the more it should cost. But due to resurfacing not accruing any labor costs and the short timeline help make it the most cost effective element in any bathroom project. There is minimal labor, and that means minimal time the bathroom is out of commission.


Although the cost of a new tub can be relatively inexpensive, greater costs accumulate with a tub replacement job, including the costs of time and money with tearing out the old tub, additional plumbing work, removal and application of tub surround, and other unpredictable expenses. The quality of the older tubs in general are superior to new tubs, which tend to be made with lesser quality materials and craftsmanship. Therefore, you will be better off hiring a professional to reglaze your higher quality, older tub, than replacing the tub with a modern, lower quality tub.


It is no secret that remodels and construction of any kind accumulate dust and mess. Adding to the already mounting headache that comes along with any large home improvement project. Resurfacing creates very little dust which is skillfully controlled by our in-house trained technicians to exit the nearest window with no disruption to the inside of the home. And our tub casting process creates even less dust and airborne particulates making it the greenest tub refurbishment solution on the market.

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