Custom Tub & Tile Predicts the Future…of Tub Refinishing

Nowadays we rely pretty heavily upon online video streaming services, and Netflix undoubtedly rules the web. According to a recent survey, “In the first quarter of 2018, the video service added more than than 7.5 million new customers — with 5.5 million subscribers joining outside the U.S.” But just a short 15 years ago those living through the Blockbuster era couldn’t imagine a weekend without a trip to the local Blockbuster to rent a movie. Rushing to get home on a Friday night to snag a video off the new release wall. Only to be crushed with disappointment to find them all rented out and having to return the next day to try again. And then having to remind yourself to rewind the videos before returning them. It’s an all too familiar feeling eventually lost in the recesses of our memories. Sadly, the video rental establishment filed for bankruptcy in the summer of 2010, officially ushering in the end of an era. And now there is only one remaining Blockbuster store in Bend, Oregon. Many argue that their lack of evolution was the reason they were unable to stand up against online streaming giants. And ironically, back in 2000 Blockbuster declined at least more than one offer to buy Netflix, which in retrospect was just one of the many nails in their coffin. But suffice it to say that their failure to change with the times ultimately lead to their downfall. But how does this all relate to tub resurfacing you might ask?

The End Is Near

In many ways what happed to Blockbuster is foreshadowing what is happening in the refinishing world as of late. With the cons for the consumer, sometimes drastically outweighing the pros it is becoming increasingly clear that commercial properties are screaming for something new (and better). Let’s get real for a second…an outdated process, cheap materials, and a limited warranty are all a recipe for a temporary fix. Meaning you are paying to have the same tubs refinished year after year. How much longer will you have to suffer through the smelly process and shoddy workmanship?

To break it down in real life numbers: if you spend $150 on a singular tub resurface with a one year warranty you could be spending $1500 on the same tub over the course of ten years. While that may be a sustainable business model for the refinisher, for the the property managers it just doesn’t make sense. And rightfully so. Because many refinishers are refusing to change or at the very least acknowledge these pain points, they are creating a market for change. Let me be the first to say: In a Netflix world you don’t have to settle for the Blockbuster of refinishers. There is a better way.

Join The Revolution

At Custom Tub & Tile we are the face of the refinishing revolution. And we definitely aren’t settling for mediocre. Because with tub casting you never have to have another tub resurfaced! Budget-minded property managers are already making the switch from tub resurfacing to tub casting and spending their money on our permanent coating with a 10 year warranty. We guarantee this will not peel, chip, or flake! So long are the days of spending more to settle for less. And again, in real life numbers: over the course of 10 years you will be spending 23% more on tub resurfacing than you would tub casting due to limited warranties and brittle coatings. Tub casting really is the budget-friendly service with the customer in mind.

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