5 People Who Would Benefit From Bathroom & Kitchen Resurfacing

Our scheduling team gets it all the time, the unsure homeowner timidly asking, “is resurfacing right for me?” It’s a valid question that is frequently asked by our customers, no matter their budget. And with many remodeling options to choose from, it is no wonder there is some confusion surrounding the subject. Allow us to clear the air! Below we analyze five different living situations and homeowners who are a great fit for our bathroom and kitchen resurfacing services. From those on a fixed income to those who have income properties, we delve into all of the best reasons to resurface.

Military or People Who Move A Lot For Work

If you or your loved one is in the military or required to frequently move for work, resurfacing may be an excellent fit for you! Moving it hard enough, so we understand that making sure your home is constantly ready for sale can be a tiresome feat. But what many homeowners don’t know is that resurfacing can take the guesswork out of your bathroom remodel and kitchen update. Because resurfacing is fast, easy, and affordable it is the perfect service for the homeowners not wanting to spend a lot of time or money on prepping their home for sale; especially if they’re going to have to do the same thing again a year later. And it should be noted that getting a high ROI is relatively common for those who resurface their bathroom or kitchen before selling their home.

In addition to cost, warranty is also something to consider during your decision-making process. A non-transferrable warranty may be more of a deal-breaker for those who are required to move a lot. And in most cases, refinishing companies will not offer a transferrable warranty on their refinishing services; meaning, once you sell your home the warranty does not transfer to the new owner. That being said, it may be in your best interest to find a company that offers transferrable warranties if that is a bonus for the people considering buying your home.

Young Couples or House Flippers

If you are a young couple or consider yourself a house-flipper, then the bathroom and kitchen resurfacing may be a perfect service for you! At a glance young couples and house flippers paper to be at different stages in their lives, in many ways, they both have something very important in common: their budgets.

Young couples who are buying their first home and are on a tight budget, are undoubtedly looking for affordable ways to spruce up their home. And in this day and age, with the current economic climate, it isn’t unrealistic to assume that more and more first-time homebuyers are buying fixer-uppers due to their reduced prices. And according to a 2019 blog titled, Tips for Buying a House That Needs Work, “whether it becomes a flipper house for an investor who is hoping to turn a fast buck or a home for a first-time home buyer depends on profit margins and the amount of work that is needed.” In other words, the maximum results for the lowest amount of money is their collective goal.

Impatient People

If you are an impatient person and want amazing results RIGHT NOW, then chances are you’re going to love resurfacing! For the resurfacing newbies who may not know: fast and affordable results are what resurfacing is know for. The average tub resurface only takes about 3 hours from start to finish, with a 24 hr cure time for the coating; however, when you consider the hefty cost and timeline of a full tub replacement it certainly is the least invasive option. And the dynamic results resurfacing achieves helps to shave years off of any outdated bathroom. Imagine coming home to (what looks like) a brand new bathroom for under $1,000. You don’t have the turn your bathroom into a construction site and you don’t have to settle for a slow timeline to get amazing results!

The Person Who Has Everything

We all have someone like this in our lives, the one who is impossible to buy gifts for because they have everything. Or they’re so picky that they have to have every little thing customized to their taste. What a pain. Well, I have good news for you! Resurfacing is a great gift to give to that picky person who you dread shopping for. Resurfacing is essentially a one-size-fits-all service, but has the bonus of customizable options to match any bathroom (or personality). The possibilities are virtually endless with custom color matching options as well as the ability to add flair in the form of accent borders and stone finishes. Whether they are part of the cult following who wants a Roosevelt Pink bathroom to match their vintage aesthetic or even just finding the perfect shade of off-white to match their hand towels, resurfacing has got you covered. Literally.

And with resurfacing’s quick timeline we can schedule service while they’re away if you want to surprise them. Nothing beats watching them unexpectedly walk into their bathroom after a finished mini remodel. Need some inspiration to get started? Check out this customer’s reaction video:

Customer Reaction Video

Remodeling Newbies

Those who are new to the remodeling game, but who are just looking to investigate the process, are excellent potential candidates for resurfacing! Bathroom resurfacing oftentimes goes hand-in-hand with partial remodels; which are small improvements such as fixture and hardware changes, new paint, and new flooring. In other words, in situations where nothing major is being torn out or replaced, resurfacing is an extremely valuable service.

Resurfacing your tub and tile walls can also give the illusion of a much larger remodel simply by changing the color of the bathroom, all without the hassle of having to replace anything or the stress of an extended timeline. This is especially ideal for anyone who isn’t particularly familiar with home remodeling and just wants to get an idea of what they may be getting into later down the line, should they choose to take on such an endeavor.

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