How to Choose a Resurfacing Company

Are you interested in rejuvenating your outdated bathroom? Refinishing or resurfacing your bathtub is an excellent option if you like your existing setup but are ready to give the surfaces a facelift.

The best refinishing companies tackle your job efficiently and complete it correctly the first time. Consider this your guide on how to choose a refinishing company for your bathroom.

What Is Bathtub Resurfacing?

Bathtub resurfacing or reglazing is the process of adding new finishes to tub surfaces. When an experienced resurfacing company takes care of the work, the final results make it seem like you have a brand-new bathtub at a fraction of the price of purchasing a new one.

Tips for Selecting Bathtub Resurfacing Companies

Use the tips below to fine-tune your search and pick the best refinishing company for your project.

1. Look at Years in the Industry

Bathroom resurfacing companies with multiple years in the business are worth checking out. This is a field in which teams rely on customer referrals to get new opportunities. Most of the time, when a resurfacing company has years of experience, it’s an indicator that others in your local community trust the business.

2. Review Previous Work

Reliable bathtub reglazing companies stand by their work. It should be easy to find an existing gallery showing photos of past assignments completed and narrow down contenders for your resurfacing job in little time.

3. Ask About a Company’s Resurfacing Process

Credible refinishing companies will be transparent about the equipment and solutions they use to work on your bathtub. Representatives at these companies may be able to show you before and after pictures from recent work and walk you through the advanced mechanical and chemical bonding processes involved with reglazing.

The process for resurfacing should look something like this:

  1. Stripping the original coating, if it has been previously resurfaced.
  2. Professional surface prep work to get the original substrate ready for the new surface.
  3. Applying masking tape to protect surrounding surfaces.
  4. Spraying the new coating.
  5. Cleaning up and removing the tape.
  6. Caulking areas around your tub and allowing the coating to cure.

4. Read Customer Reviews

Some of the best resources for finding a bathtub refinishing company are customer reviews. What do others have to say about the business you’re considering for your project? Ideally, a bathtub resurfacing company will lead you to customer reviews across multiple platforms.

Customer reviews give you insight into subjects like the level of customer service received, timelines for projects and whether a person would recommend a company.

Count on Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing for Your Reglazing Project

Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing is here to provide services for your bathtub reglazing needs. We can visit your residential space, whether you live in Maryland, Virginia or D.C., to help you see your bathroom from a new perspective. Our professionals work diligently to finish most jobs in one day and we have 30+ years of combined experience on our team — making us leaders in the resurfacing industry.

When we complete our eight-layer resurfacing process on your bathtub, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to appreciate the results for years. Reach out to us for an estimate today!

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