What is Casting?

Casting is the latest and greatest in bathroom refurbishment!

This unique synthetic porcelain resin is poured over the tub or shower surface which not only provides excellent adhesion for this permanent coating but is about five times thicker than traditional spray refinishing. Bathtub casting is a great option to restore your bathtub’s color and fix stained bathtubs.

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PureCoat is 5x thicker than traditionally sprayed on coatings! Sprayed on coatings, without fail, contain solvents which evaporate during the curing process in order to harden the coating. In fact, roughly 50% of the material that is sprayed onto a surface will evaporate during the curing period depending on the refinisher’s material ratios. But PureCoat is categorized as 100% solids and contains no solvents; meaning, what is applied to the tub stays on the tub. No more paying for coatings that disappear into thin air!

PureCoat is the only permanent solution on the market that doesn’t involve total replacement or liners. The coating is so thick it will not peel, chip, or flake like traditionally resurfaced substrates. Like traditional resurfacing it has a 24 hr cure time. We are so confident in our tub casting service it is warrantied against peeling for 5 years!

Eco Friendly Professional Tub Restoration Services

We take safety very seriously. So seriously, in fact, we went to the ends of the earth to find the safest (and most durable) coating available for tub restoration. There is nothing else on the market quite like it! This permanent synthetic porcelain expertly applied by our trained technicians has no odor, and a VOC of near 0! Since the coating is poured on there are no airborne particles, no dust, no solvents, and nothing to breathe in. This makes the product compliant with most green initiatives! We promise to never use products that contain methalyne chloride or isocyanates. And we will never cut corners when it comes to workmanship, customer service, and (you guessed it) safety!

Service can be preformed on…

  • Standard Size Bathtubs
  • Clawfoot Tubs
  • Fiberglass Shower Pans


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