Resurfacing Colors

Color Gallery

Custom stone finishes give you the appearance of real stone without the expense. With custom stone surface color finishes that come in many different shades to complement any bathroom or kitchen, our unique custom stone finishes and solid finish are popular alternatives to complete replacements, and these are more affordable surface finishes than stone. Great for concealing stains, enhancing tile accent borders and transforming old vanity tops into new, polished vanity tops, our custom stone finishes will add a luxuriously modern feel to unsightly, worn surfaces in 24 hours.

Solid Finishes

In addition to the two white finishes we offer (Kohler White and Gloss White) we have three off-white finishes to match your bathroom or kitchen surfaces.  Almond, Bone, and Biscuit can be chosen as late as the day of service and will add an additional color fee to any project.