Commercial Sink Resurfacing

Sink & Vanity Top Resurfacing

Bathroom sink/vanity refinishing is a cost effective solution to transforming outdated sinks into cleaner, newer looking fixtures for your property’s bathrooms. Our specialized refinishing process magically turns moldy, discolored caulk lines and outdated sink shades into a sink you’re proud to admire. We also offer the option of using solid colors or stone finishes to renew your property’s old sink/vanities.

What is sink resurfacing?

Sink refinishing requires specialized equipment, bonding agents, clear finishes, primers and top coats. There are key differences between painting sinks and refinishing sinks that involve surface gloss, durability of refinished tiles and how long refinished surfaces retain their “newness”. Painting sinks with spray enamel paint or epoxy won’t look nearly as spectacular as a professional sink refinishing job. In fact, sink resurfacing is the only viable method of reproducing the original appearance of your tiles. That beautifully clean glaze seen on new ceramic sinks is accomplished by baking them in high-temperature kilns. But since removing your sink to put them back into a kiln is not possible refinishing is great alternative for renewing the luster on your dull bathrooms. Remodeling companies advertising their ability to reglaze sinks are not representing themselves as honestly as they should be.

Our sink/vanity resurfacing service can include a re-caulk around its perimeter! Just ask your account representative about our add-on re-caulking service for pricing and info.
Make each bathroom unique or uniform! Our stone finishes will match any apartment bathroom or kitchen with our 50+ shades. You’re also welcome to visit our office to see the stone finish samples in person.

What will your own resurfacing success story look like?

John’s Resurfacing Success Story

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Christian’s Resurfacing Success Story

I would recommend Custom Tub & Tile to a friend for a couple of reasons. One, I thought the overall process was actually advertised accurately, which I seldom see…

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Margaret’s Resurfacing Success Story

I decided [Custom Tub & Tile] had the best materials, the best guarantee, and the best price…

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George’s Resurfacing Success Story

I could not have been more pleased.  What I liked about [the technician] was that from the moment I met him I had a sense of confidence about his capabilities…

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