Before & After Resurfacing Transformations

Bathtub Resurfacing

An affordable alternative to replacement


Our tub transformations stand the test of time with our 5 year warranty on resurfacing and 10 year warranty on casting.  The use of chemical and mechanical bonding provide a glossy yet durable surface that will update any bathroom.  Whether you are prepping your home to sell or are wanting an affordable alternative to a full remodel, we can help!  Tub resurfacing is not limited by the type of tub you have, it is a one-size-fits-all service.  From standard size tubs, to jacuzzis, to classic clawfoot tubs, to fiberglass one-piece surrounds, and even unconventional 4x4 tubs…we do it all!

Shower Pan Resurfacing

A solid or stone finishes for every bathroom


Resurfacing your shower pan can save you hundreds of dollars in your bathroom remodel.  Not to mention, Our shower pan resurfacing service can be used on acrylic, fiberglass, and even tile shower surfaces.  Our unique 8-layer formula provides extreme gloss and durability, and is backed by our 5 year warranty.  Whether you’d like to update your shower pan in a solid finish or a stone finish, we have over 30 resurfacing colors for you to choose from!

Tile Resurfacing

Refurbishment without replacement


Replacing tile is a thing of the past with our tile resurfacing service.  Whether you’re unhappy with the retro color of your tile walls or want your tub and tile to be the same shade of white, we can help!  Our unique 8-layer resurfacing method will leave your tiles looking new, without the hassle of replacement.  Our custom stone finishes are very popular for accent borders, which add personality to every bathroom.

Sink & Vanity Resurfacing


Customized to your personal taste


Updating your vanity top and sink bowl has never been easier or more stylish with our sink resurfacing service.  Our 8-layer method can transform or modernize almost any size sink.  From double bowl vanities to antique pedestal sinks we can help!  Pick out a custom stone finish to match your shower or tile walls and your bathroom remodel and design are almost done.

Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing


Unique finishes to fit your existing decor


Having the kitchen of your dreams has never been easier or more affordable with our countertop resurfacing service.  Our 8-layer method works on butcher block and laminate countertops giving your outdated kitchen an modern feel for a fraction of the cost of a remodel.  Our custom stone finishes range from light to dark giving you the maximum amount of customization options available for your kitchen design project.

“I would recommend Custom Tub & Tile to a friend for a couple of reasons. One, I thought the overall process was actually advertised accurately, which I seldom see.  Two, I really like the staff at Custom Tub & Tile, they were very friendly and very accurate.  And they delivered exactly what they said they were going to do on time and at a very good cost.
“I decided [Custom Tub & Tile] had the best materials, the best guarantee, and the best price…The technician who came knew exactly what he was doing…It’s surely been a year and a half or two years and the tub looks like the day he did it.  I have absolutely not a mark, not a scratch, and no evidence of any deterioration whatsoever .  My only regret is that I didn’t have it done in the other bathroom!”
“I could not have been more pleased.  What I liked about [the technician] was that from the moment I met him I had a sense of confidence about his capabilities.  He was neat, he was polite, he was obviously an expert at what he did…When I got home the place was immaculate and the tub was beautiful.”
“I had a fantastic experience and I think Custom Tub & Tile won my business because of the patience of [their office staff] who responded to probably a countless number of emails asking [them] all sorts of different questions about their process…[They] very patiently, clearly responded to every single one of my questions.  And that really impressed me.”

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