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When you’re taking on a partial bathroom remodel, you want custom work that helps your vision become a reality. You also want affordability and value, so where do you start? When searching for bathtub surface refinishers in Arlington, VA, Custom Tub at Tile is the perfect place to begin.

We provide custom bathtub refinishing in Arlington, VA at an affordable price that helps you save. We channel those savings into other aspects of the remodel. We use only the best possible materials, and we go to great lengths to meet your exact specifications. There are no hidden costs because our affordable pricing is clearly outlined in straightforward, upfront contracts. Ultimately, you enjoy the results you always wanted for your partial bathroom remodel.

Choose Custom Tub and Tile as your bathtub refinishing experts in Arlington, VA and enjoy a satisfying and stress-free remodeling experience.

Our Unique Approach to Bathtub Refinishing in Arlington, VA

Arlington is a bustling area just minutes from our nation’s capital, and it offers a chance to improve your home and greatly increase your ROI upon resale — not to mention how much you enjoy it while living there. We can help refinish and customize the most out-of-date bathtubs to reflect the modern nature of this diverse and urban area. We’re adept at getting an understanding our your goals and desires and taking into account the existing architecture of your home and the feel of your neighborhood to create fantastic, cohesive results. Make the most of your Arlington-area home when you get bathtub refinishing services from Custom Tub and Tile.

When you want classic quality with modern advantages, discover our unique eight-layer method system of bathtub surface refinishing in Arlington, VA. We take the traditional mechanical bonding and blend it with the latest in industry innovations and developments to create uniquely outstanding results. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to bathtub refinishing. It’s a proven approach that can be applied to different styles and bathtub refinishing options.

Dynamic Results Throughout Your Project

In addition to our bathtub refinishing in Arlington, VA, we also provide vanity restoration, sink reglazing, tile and grout refinishing or a combination of services. No matter what specific service you desire, Custom Tub and Tile uses advanced materials that can’t be found at the hardware store. We create truly professional-grade results that will withstand typical bathroom wear and tear for years to come. From fiberglass and acrylic tubs to the classic claw-foot models, we work on tubs of all shapes, sizes and ages — and we’re always intent on helping you achieve your vision. We work conscientiously, always mindful that our worksite is your home.

An Experienced Team of Refinishing Professionals

Enjoy knowledge and experience on your side when searching for bathtub surface refinishers in Arlington, VA. Our team of technicians has more than 30 years of combined experience, which they apply toward achieving outstanding results for you. They also work with a customer-service mindset and a deep desire to exceed your remodel expectations. In addition to our on-site team of technicians, we offer an in-office customer support team that’s always available to answer questions and provide expert guidance, no matter where your project stands.

Work With the Best When You Choose Custom Tub and Tile

Looking for the best bathtub surface refinishers in Arlington, VA? You won’t find a better combination of professionalism and quality than what you’ll find at Custom Tub and Tile. We know our industry, what works and what doesn’t, as well as how to achieve the results you’re looking for in a partial bathroom remodel. Our deep desire to help you make informed decisions further sets us apart from other bathtub refinishers in Arlington, VA. Our customers and their projects are our passions, and we welcome the chance to help you achieve the results you seek in a bathroom remodel project.

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“I would recommend Custom Tub & Tile to a friend for a couple of reasons. One, I thought the overall process was actually advertised accurately, which I seldom see.  Two, I really like the staff at Custom Tub & Tile, they were very friendly and very accurate.  And they delivered exactly what they said they were going to do on time and at a very good cost.

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“I decided [Custom Tub & Tile] had the best materials, the best guarantee, and the best price…The technician who came knew exactly what he was doing…It’s surely been a year and a half or two years and the tub looks like the day he did it.  I have absolutely not a mark, not a scratch, and no evidence of any deterioration whatsoever .  My only regret is that I didn’t have it done in the other bathroom!”

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“I could not have been more pleased.  What I liked about [the technician] was that from the moment I met him I had a sense of confidence about his capabilities.  He was neat, he was polite, he was obviously an expert at what he did…When I got home the place was immaculate and the tub was beautiful.”

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“I had a fantastic experience and I think Custom Tub & Tile won my business because of the patience of [their office staff] who responded to probably a countless number of emails asking [them] all sorts of different questions about their process…[They] very patiently, clearly responded to every single one of my questions.  And that really impressed me.”

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