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Home renovations are a great way to increase the comfort and value of your home, and one of the most obvious rooms in your home to renovate is your bathroom. Tired old bathtubs can instantly date a house and make it feel old and unkempt. If you’ve ever priced out a bathtub or shower base replacement, you know just how pricey it can be. And when you factor in the cost of the tub, removal of your old one, installation and all the incidental charges, like floor and wall repairs and new plumbing and fixtures, a new tub all of a sudden runs into the thousands of dollars.

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place! As a leading bathtub surface refinisher in Silver Spring, MD, Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing has an affordable alternative to bathtub replacement. We are experts at refinishing and resurfacing all types of old bathtubs. The result is a durable and attractive finish that often outlasts the original finish itself!

Replacement Can Be a Headache

 Not only is replacing your old bathtub with a new one expensive, but it also creates a bunch of other headaches:

  • It usually takes a week or more for a bathtub replacement. During this time, you can’t use your bathtub and in some cases can’t access your bathroom at all. This can be a major inconvenience for your family.
  • In most older homes, replacing your bathtub also means doing work to the walls and floors to repair any damage and accommodate your new tub and plumbing.
  • Removing your old tub often means modifying or replacing the surrounding tiling or wall and floor finishes. Unless you’re planning a full bathroom remodel, you’re looking at more time and money.
  • Pulling out an old tub usually means loads of dust, dirt and mildew. At the very least, your bathroom will need a good cleaning afterwards, and in some cases the dirt gets tracked through your house.

If you’re not excited at the prospect of all of these headaches related to replacing your bathtub, you’ll want to consider contacting Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing, your Silver Spring, MD bathtub resurfacing experts. We can refinish any tub where it’s installed and make it look new again.

The Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing Advantage

 When you choose us to refinish your bathtub, you’re taking advantage of our years of experience. We are tub resurfacing professionals that use a methodical approach to each project:

  • We start by discussing the type of finish you’d like and giving you a detailed quotation so there are no surprise costs at the end.
  • We use only high-quality tub resurfacing products that are proven to be durable and give the attractive finish you expect.
  • We clean and repair all tubs and shower bases before we start, to make sure our coatings adhere properly and last for years.
  • We respect your home and work as quickly and discretely as possible so you can go about your day and get back to enjoying your bathroom quickly.

We treat every bathroom like it’s our own. Our goal is to be the best bathtub refinisher in Silver Spring and continue building our reputation as a reliable, trusted business. You can start right now, by using our handy online cost estimator, then give us a call to discus your bathtub resurfacing project.

We can handle any type of tub, no matter the age, and can even remove previous coatings that may be flaking or peeling. Let the experts take care of your bathtub resurfacing and it’ll feel like you have a brand-new tub at a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time!


Get to know our team of experts

“I would recommend Custom Tub & Tile to a friend for a couple of reasons. One, I thought the overall process was actually advertised accurately, which I seldom see.  Two, I really like the staff at Custom Tub & Tile, they were very friendly and very accurate.  And they delivered exactly what they said they were going to do on time and at a very good cost.

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“I decided [Custom Tub & Tile] had the best materials, the best guarantee, and the best price…The technician who came knew exactly what he was doing…It’s surely been a year and a half or two years and the tub looks like the day he did it.  I have absolutely not a mark, not a scratch, and no evidence of any deterioration whatsoever .  My only regret is that I didn’t have it done in the other bathroom!”

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“I could not have been more pleased.  What I liked about [the technician] was that from the moment I met him I had a sense of confidence about his capabilities.  He was neat, he was polite, he was obviously an expert at what he did…When I got home the place was immaculate and the tub was beautiful.”

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“I had a fantastic experience and I think Custom Tub & Tile won my business because of the patience of [their office staff] who responded to probably a countless number of emails asking [them] all sorts of different questions about their process…[They] very patiently, clearly responded to every single one of my questions.  And that really impressed me.”

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