We’re the leaders in bathroom & kitchen resurfacing

There’s no better way to give your bathroom or kitchen a fresh look than replacing tired old surfaces with fresh, clean tiles or other finishes. Years of use can cause your tiled surfaces, bathtubs, vanities and countertops to look dirty, chipped and dull.

Here at Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing, we’re dedicated to offering you great value and quality on all of our bathroom and kitchen resurface services.

Our experience means we have the skills and knowledge to help you with a variety of bathroom and kitchen projects, including:

  • Resurfacing of your bathroom tiles, to change tired, dated colors or cover up cracked and chipped tiles. Our bathroom tile resurfacing gives you a clean new look without the grimy, grungy look of your current tiles and grout. Our tile resurfacing bonds tightly to your tiles, unlike simple enamels and epoxies, which won’t give you the same beautiful finish or last as long.
  • Applying a new surface to your exiting bathtub. Called glazing, our bathtub resurfacing creates an all-new finish for your tub, one that not only looks good, but is also as attractive and durable as your original finish — if not more durable! We strip off old finishes and repair any cracks before applying our glaze. This means a clean, smooth finish for a like-new tub.
  • Creating a new finish for sinks and showers. We can also apply our professional tub resurfacing services to other surfaces, such as sinks and showers. This is significantly cheaper than replacing (often up to 50% less) and means less disruption to your home. Removing old sinks and showers can mean extra work to the surrounding supports, whereas our resurfacing can be easily applied in all situations.
  • Resurfacing of your kitchen counters. There are countless finishes that can be applied to your existing kitchen counters to turn them into the centerpiece of your kitchen. With our help, you can give your kitchen a whole new look at a fraction of the cost of new counters, which often run into the thousands of dollars.

The advantages of resurfacing versus replacement are clear: you save money, time and hassle, since we can get in and do our resurfacing to your tiles, counters and other surfaces as they’re installed, instead of having to pull them out. Once you start pulling out old tubs, showers and sinks, you often encounter other problems related to your flooring, walls and plumbing. This adds additional cost and also means the remodeling disruption lasts longer.

When you team up with us here at Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing, you’re benefiting from our years of experience, friendly and professional attitude and our understanding of advanced tub and tile resurfacing. We’ll sit down with you and discuss your bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects and propose the best solutions. We can handle any project, big or small, and can even resurface older claw-foot tubs and sinks.

It doesn’t matter if your tiles and surfaces are just looking a little dated and you want to freshen your colors and hide unsightly grout, or if your tiles and surfaces are cracked and damaged and need a thorough overhaul. We repair any cracks and damage beforehand, clean off any existing finishes or previous repair attempts and give you a clean, attractive surface that’s ready for additional years of use.

Some remodeling companies will try to convince you that replacing your old tubs, tiles and countertops is the only way to go. At Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing, we want you to know that you have another high-quality, high-value option that saves you time and money. Contact us today and we’ll sit down together and create the tub and tile resurfacing that totally transforms your bathroom and kitchen!


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