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Is Jacuzzi Tub Resurfacing Possible?

There was a time when your Jacuzzi whirlpool bathtub was your pride and joy. Perhaps it still is, but over the years, it’s lost a bit of its luster. Or maybe a lot of its luster. No matter how well you care for your Jacuzzi tub, eventually, it’s bound to wear down, looking old and faded, maybe even sporting a chip in the finish here and there. You want your Jacuzzi to recapture the look it had when you first installed it, and you think Jacuzzi resurfacing may be the answer. But can a Jacuzzi tub be resurfaced, and how much is it to resurface a Jacuzzi tub? Here are some answers that may help you sort it all out.

How Much to Resurface a Jacuzzi Tub?

It’s impossible to say how much it will cost to resurface your Jacuzzi tub until it has been seen by tour skilled estimating team, and pictures suffice. How much your Jacuzzi tub refinishing will cost you may depend on the size of the tub and the extent of the damage. Again, however, whether your Jacuzzi is suffering from chips, cracks or even burns, or if you’re just looking to bring back the shine or change the color, the cost of resurfacing your tub will almost certainly be minimal compared to buying a new one, with virtually the same result.

In Maryland, Contact Custom Tub and Tile for All Your Bathtub Resurfacing Needs

If you’ve got a Jacuzzi tub in Maryland that needs resurfacing, contact Custom Tub and Tile today. Custom Tub and Tile has skills and experience resurfacing all kinds of tubs, including Jacuzzis. Our skilled technicians will do the job fast, safely and completely.

We offer a free estimate beforehand so you’ll know exactly what everything will cost and why, and you can usually use your Jacuzzi the next day. Our professional resurfacing experts will always leave your bathroom as clean as they found it, and you’ll end up with a gleaming, like-new Jacuzzi you’ll be proud to show off to friends and neighbors. For your free quote, get in touch now.

What’s involved with the jacuzzi bathtub resurfacing process?

To start, we protect and cover the existing jets and fixtures.  Then we apply a chemical etching substance that removes the gloss from the tub and makes the surface of the tub more porous. Next, we coat the unfinished surface with a high-gloss, polymer topcoat that returns your old tub’s gleam and luster.  But before we start resurfacing your jacuzzi bathtub, we will protect your bathroom floor and other components by laying a plastic tarp on the floor and over surrounding walls. We take extra care to protect everything not being resurfaced from the etching solution.

The resurfacing process involves primer and paint materials that are applied using an industry-specific sprayer. In order to achieve a professional appearance, the primer and paint must be sprayed as evenly as possible over the entire surface of your jacuzzi bathtub. It is important to keep the spraying in motion continuously while making sure the right amount of paint is placed on your bathtub. We do not recommend that you try to resurface your family’s jacuzzi tub using over-the-counter products and instructions from amateur websites.


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Tips for Jacuzzi Resurfacing

When planning to resurface a Jacuzzi, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Always ask the technician for an estimate so you know exactly how much you can expect the job to cost beforehand.
  • You should make sure the resurfacing technician removes or unscrews the escutcheon plates around the whirlpool jets to make sure the coating seals behind them for a cleaner, more consistent look.
  • Never try resurfacing your Jacuzzi yourself for a number of reasons. One, while you can buy the chemicals you need for Jacuzzi tub resurfacing at a hardware store, they are quite toxic and can be extremely dangerous to the unskilled individual attempting resurfacing. Even resurfacing professionals have fallen victim to resurfacing chemicals at times. Two, without the necessary resurfacing skills, you may make the problem much worse. If this happens, you may actually need to replace the Jacuzzi tub after all. Even if you don’t, you may turn a fairly reasonable job into a very expensive one.

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