The pour on application allows for extreme precision & no airborne chemicals

PureCoat is completely odorless and ecofriendly

And comes with a 10 year warranty

What is bathtub casting?

Bathtub casting is the latest and greatest in bathtub refurbishment.  Much like traditional spray refinishing it has a 24 hr cure time, but like a liner it can stand up to bleach and suction cup bathmats.  This unique synthetic porcelain resin is poured over the tub surface which not only provides excellent adhesion for this permanent coating but is about five times thicker than traditional spray refinishing.  Making this the most durable bathtub solution on the market, and it is backed with a 10 year warranty.  Although proper care of the new surface can help it last over 25 years!  The application takes one day and the bathtub can be used 24 hrs after the work is completed.

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Advantages of Tub Casting

Call 240-668-4208 for more info

What’s involved with our bathtub casting process?

  1. Professional prep and cleaning of the surface prior to coating application
  2. Removal of the existing caulking from perimeter of the surface
  3. Major and minor repairs (i.e. chips, cracks, rust)
  4. Acid Etch
  5. Sanding
  6. Coating that is 5x thicker than traditional spray refinishing
  7. 10 year warranty


To start, we professionally clean the tub of any hard water stains, rust, or soap scum.  They tub can be dirty and wet when the technician arrives giving you full use of the tub prior to the service.  The technician will then remove the existing caulking from the perimeter of the bathtub and repair any chips cracks or rust on the tub surface.  Then the technician applies a liquid chemical etching substance that removes the gloss from the tub and makes the surface more porous. Following the acid etch and sanding of the tub to help the new coating bond to it our technician finally begins the casting process.  The unique, self-leveling coating is expertly poured onto the tub surface by our in-house trained technician.  Their impeccable attention to detail ensures a quality finish that stands the test of time.  Since the coating is so thick a re-caulk isn’t needed!  That means no more moldy or stained caulk lines to worry about!  Plus our 10 year warranty will give you peace of mind for the years to come.

The coating is five times thicker than traditional spray refinishing methods which allows for higher durability.  This coating even stands up the the abuse of suctions cup bathmats, which causes the finish on traditionally refinished tubs to prematurely fail.  We guarantee this innovative coating will not peel!

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